Billy Epperhart President of WealthBuilders and CEO of Andrew Wommack Ministires

Billy Epperhart is a successful business entrepreneur and a nationally known speaker and author. He oversees the strategic direction of his three Colorado-based companies: “BillyEpperhart.com”, a venue for his financial/entrepreneurial advice, Tricord Global, a nonprofit providing microfinance loans, and Wealthbuilders Inc, which provides financial education in developing nations.

Karen Conrad Vice President of WealthBuilders

Karen Conrad is a business entrepreneur, speaker, author, trainer, and consultant whose passion is bringing “vision to reality” for her businesses and others, specializing in bringing businesses and ministries to the next level with proven results. With over 32 years of executive experience and successful business entrepreneurship, Karen is capitalizing on her vision to see others prosper in the business and ministry realm.

Karen spent over 25 years in the banking industry in Minnesota, running several divisions, owns Karen Conrad Home Staging, is an active Real Estate Agent in the Colorado Springs market, the former Executive Marketing Director and VP of 7M Ventures, Inc. at Andrew Wommack Ministries, has a daily program called Living with Karen Conrad, and is a certified instructor for DORA, teaching agents how to produce results in the home selling arena.

Frank Pulley WealthBuilders Real Estate Coach

Frank Pulley and his wife, Becky, owned and operated a large retail recreation business for 22 years from 1988 until 2006, working 60-70+ hours a week. He and Becky thought that investing in real estate might provide a better quality of life, so they began investing in the early 2000s. They joined several real estate coaching groups, but they didn’t provide them the service and expertise they needed, so they joined Bill Bronchick Real Estate Coaching Group in 2004. In June of 2006, Frank & Becky sold their retail business and went into

real estate full-time. They worked many types of real estate strategies such as wholesales and rehabs, but specialized in creative seller financing, buy & hold, & foreclosures. Recently, Frank also agreed to come on board as one of the WealthBuilder’s Real Estate Coaches.

Frank continues his own real estate investing business along with his wife and, in addition, is still working with Bill Bronchick and Billy Epperhart. He enjoys time with his family and friends. Frank also does some volunteer work; both working with a Christian Homeless Ministry and has also been an active volunteer for Jr. Achievement for over 10 years.

Mike Davis WealthBuilders Real Estate Coach

Mike Davis is a husband, dad, grandfather, pastor, and real estate investor. His real estate success has changed his bank account and he wants to help other people change theirs as well! Today Mr. Davis continues to learn all he can researching, seeking mentorship, and through his own investing experience. Mike has a contagious enthusiasm for real estate investing and a great desire to help others on their own path to achieving financial goals.

Bill Bronchick Real Estate Attorney

Mr. William Bronchick has been practicing law and investing in real estate since the early 90’s, having been involved in thousands of real estate transactions. He has trained countless people all over the country to become financially successful, speaking to audiences of as many as 16,000 at mega-events, sharing the stage with names like Rudy Guliani, Steve Forbes, and Colin Powell.

His best-selling book, “Flipping Properties”, was named one of the ten best real estate books of the year by the Chicago Tribune. William Bronchick is also the author of the highly acclaimed books, “Financing Secrets of a Millionaire Real Estate Investor”,”Wealth Protection Secrets of a Millionaire Real Estate Investor”, “Defensive Real Estate Investing” and his latest work, “How to Sell a House Fast in a Slow Real Estate Market”.


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